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Dreaming Tree
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wonderful Gift From SVG Cuts!

If you have an electronic cutting machine, (i.e. a cricut, cameo, eclips, brother) then you need to click on the link below and get your absolutely free Santa's Sweets SVG kit from SVG Cuts.  It's their way of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Even if you don't have a cutting machine yet, and plan to get one after the first or as a gift, this is the time to get this free gift to get you started!  You'll fall in love!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Crafting On A Budget-Making Something Personal

Christmas is getting closer!  Radio stations are playing Christmas music and the stores have been full of Christmas decorations for weeks!  My mind has been filled with Christmas projects as well!  But not every project is planned entirely of paper.  I know!  That's not what my name would suggest!  I do like to stray off the paper path every once in a while, just for something different to do.  This Christmas I have plans to add vinyl to the very popular plastic tumblers that everyone seems to carry around.

I made this one as a test to see how difficult it would be for me.  Working with the vinyl is a little challenging, but with more practice it will be easy.  This tumbler is from the Dollar Tree.  I bought the Oracal vinyl on ebay last year, but I'm just now getting around to using it.  I went ahead and ordered a case of the tumblers from Dollar Tree direct, so I wouldn't have a problem getting the number I needed.  Popular items can be hard to locate there, when you really want them!   These should be super cute and I'm sure the "giftees" will really enjoy them!

I watched a YouTube video made by Christopher Alan Designs on how to apply the vinyl.  Very helpful presentation.  I already had some clear transfer tape from my very first attempt at vinyl several years ago, but when I came across the Magic Cover clear contact paper he talks about, I bought 10 rolls! (at the Dollar Tree of course!)

For another project, I wanted to get more use from my Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio tools.  (I have acquired several of the shapes)  They were having a sale on Joann.com for the charms that go with the various shape studio tools.  

So, I bought some to go with my tools.  But...I wasn't sure what to do with them.  On another shopping trip to Michaels, I came across some bracelets that were only $2.49 each on sale.  They are made with the stretchy cord and had at least one dangle hanging off of them.  Light-bulb!  Take off the dangle they had and replace it with a charm!  Here is one of the bracelets I changed.

I also found some packages of heart charms and word charms that I added to this one.  I like the way it turned out and for such a budget price!  (less than $5.00)  

Another project I did recently (sorry I forgot to take pictures of it) for a guy was to take some pictures of a mutual relative (it was for the other grandfather) and make little "tool box" magnets from the epoxy shapes.  I also made the My Day with Dad toolbox to put them in.  I did change the tag from dad to the recipients name.  Another personal project that packs a big punch for such a budget price!

Just wanted to share these few easy, budget friendly projects to show that it doesn't cost a lot to show someone you care.  Just a little bit of your time to make it special!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Love SVG Cuts!

Today I got a  Facebook post from SVG Cuts alerting that there was a new free design available for download.  It just reaffirmed why I love SVG Cuts and have since Easter of 2010.
 This was a free file that they offered on 2-27-2010.  It is also the day I discovered how wonderful they are!  Below is what I made for a class of preschoolers for an Easter take home treat.  I had just gotten my Cricut Expression in December, and hadn't really done any crafting like this before.   SVG Cuts taught me a lot!

So today I thought I would share 10 reasons why I love SVG Cuts and only cut their kits.  Here goes...

1.  Free designs.  They currently have 318 free designs to download.  

2.  Great kits!  Every kit is carefully designed and tested to assure your crafting experience will be fun and rewarding.

3.  Tutorials.  All 3D projects have a video tutorial to help you assemble your project.  Mary also includes crafty tips and highlights tools to help make crafting more fun and special.  Because of her recommendations, I have gone out and purchased several crafty tools!

4.  Product reviews.  Leo has tested and reviewed all the new cutting machines that can cut SVG files whenever they come to market.  His reviews are thorough and unbiased.

5.  Customer service.  They set the bar high, and deliver the best customer service in the business.

6.  Personal interaction with customers.  If you have a question, you're going to get an answer from Leo.  If you have an issue, you're going to get support from Leo.  And if you're lucky, you might just get a "because I wanted to talk to you" phone call from Leo.  Not to mention the constant interaction Mary and Leo have with fans on Facebook.  

7.  Give aways.  Lots and lots of chances to win something.  Kits,cutting machines, gift cards, crafting tools, paper kits...the list goes on.  I'm sure a big Christmas give away is about to be announced.

8.  Affiliate program.  If you have a website or blog, you can sign up for the affiliate program and earn a commission from every sale your site generates.  

9.  How to videos.  Leo doesn't have to, but he makes videos to show us how to use different features in the Sure Cuts a Lot program/ecal.  He has also made videos to show how to download kits to the software for the new Cricut and for Silhouette.  These are wonderful value add items that don't generate revenue for them directly, but does have a positive impact on their business in the long run.  It's a win/win!

If you haven't gone to the SVG Cuts website or Facebook page, then I encourage you to look them up and browse their pages for a bit.  I think you too will find your own 10 reason to love SVG Cuts!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Give Away on My Facebook Page

For November, the give away will be winners choice.  There are still fans that prefer to keep the autumn theme going.  I will have the drawing on November 15.   Be sure to check out my Facebook page.  If you like the post for the give away, you'll get one chance.  If you send a friend my way, you'll get 5 more chances.  They need to say you sent them, and like my page for you to get the additional chances.  If we get to 100 page likes by November 15, I'll make the North Pole Express for the milestone give away.  So, visit my page (click here for the link).  Be sure to like it.  Share my page with your friends.  Be sure they know to like my page, and leave a comment that you sent them.  Then you'll get even more chances to win!  You might even win the North Pole Express!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crafting On A Budget-Dollar Tree Pre-Christmas Haul 11-4-2014

Hello Everyone.

I went to my local Dollar Tree today to stock up on essentials (face tissue, paper towels, baggies, bread).  I always cruise the other isles, because you just never know.  Today I made some fabulous finds, both for crafting and for gift giving!  Here they are!

On the counter are, Skylanders fun tape, burlap ribbon, laser tap,  some adorable compacts, a sweet Disney pen and pad set, and Christmas ribbon!  

They were stocking some really nice looking pics and floral things too!  I had to stop myself!
I love finding the compacts.  They go inside the Luxury Handbags from SVG Cuts nicely for a little extra special something.  These will be great for the younger gals.

I hunted at both Hobby Lobby and Michaels last week for Christmas ribbon for the Classic Christmas Advent Calendar from SVG Cuts.  I was only able to find the 2" wide ribbon or the 3/8" wide.  The ribbon I found at Dollar Tree was 5/8", which fits around the calendar better.  The 3/8" ribbon works, but the thicker ribbon helps hide any little imperfections.  
Not as many choices, but I'm not unhappy about the selection.

I'm also expecting a case of the plastic tumblers to personalize with some vinyl that I have been ignoring for a year!  Can't wait!  This is going to be a craf-tabulous Christmas for me!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Decor and 3D Kits

Now that Halloween is upon us (just 3 more days!) most crafters will turn their attention to Christmas.  Some already have!  But Thanksgiving deserves it's own slice of the crafty pie.  SVG Cuts has lots of  kits that are perfect for the occasion.  They're quick and easy to whip up, and add a fun element to the main event! (the dinner).  You can craft a lovely centerpiece or sweet little take home gifts for all your guest!  The box card invite is adorable and will delight all!  

So, before immersing yourself in Christmas crafting, give one or two of these kits a try and bring that little extra something to your Thanksgiving Celebration.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New SVG Cuts Kit Coming Next Week!

This awesome kit will be released next week!  I can't wait!  With this one, last years church and Maple Manor, I think I'm going to craft myself a beautiful Christmas village!  

Be sure to check my Facebook page and here for progress on these upcoming projects!  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Time to Move On!

Although it's only the middle of October, it's time for me to put away all my spooky papers and get started on the next two "seasons".  I plan to craft lots of fun projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with three small people around, my crafting time is very limited.  I have to really plan things out if I want to get them done!  I'm sure that's probably true for most anyone else reading this.  In years past, I have waited until it was too late to get things completed.  I hope to have learned a thing or two this year and get an early start on crafting.  I've been very pleased with my completion of Halloween projects, and want to keep the momentum going.  Here are a few pictures of the projects I've completed in the last 30 days.

Now on to Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Official! Fall is Here!

Today is the official first full day of Fall.  It arrived at 9:29 p.m. last night, according to the Old Farmers Almanac.

In an effort to stay ahead of special days and holidays that I like to give gifts for, I made these baskets about 2 weeks ago.  Last night I made the easiest pumpkin muffin recipe.  I baked them in the really big muffin tin so each basket just got one.  I put some paper shred in the bottom of each basket, stacked the muffin on top and added a book of stickers (that I keep on hand from the Dollar Tree). The boys took them to school today to give to their teachers.  I realize that it's not a traditional gift giving day, but I enjoy making my paper crafts, and it's even more enjoyable to have an occasion for creating and giving!

The basket is from SVG Cuts Fall Harvest kit from two years ago.  Most of the papers I used were single color AC card stock.  This was a quick and easy project to complete.  The baskets are roomy allowing for one big item or several small ones.  I hope the teachers like them as much as I did making them.  Now on to more Halloween crafts!

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Thanks for stopping by!  Craft Happy!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crafting on a Budget, and Making It Look Great!

This was a fun project to make.  It takes a lot of  paper, but it's super cute and fun to have out for Halloween.   But a project like this can really exhaust your crafting resources. and put a crimp in your craft budget.  I'm going to share a couple of tricks I used to help keep this beauty below budget.

1.  Use tissue paper instead of Velum.  Velum can cost over a dollar per sheet.  I can get an entire package of tissue paper at the Dollar Tree, for just a dollar!  I can't cut it on my machine, but it's not hard to hand cut the pieces.

2.  If your decorative panels are of a heavy, sturdy card stock, use lighter cheaper paper for the base.  It won't have the sturdiness you would get from a project made of all AC card stock, but no ones going to be living in it.  However,  if the decorative panels are of a cute paper, and not card stock, don't scrimp.  (On the roof I used a sturdy purple card stock and some cute Halloween paper I bought a couple of years ago at Michaels.)

3.  Skip additional embellishments.  This house has so much fabulous detail, it doesn't need any embellishment.  On the trim pieces I just inked and embossed.

4.  Mary at SVG Cuts, put a lot of thought into this project and included lining for the interior to finish if off nicely.  That's a wonderful touch, but I saved myself four pieces of paper by leaving them off.

5.  Don't go cheap on glue.  It is what holds your project together.  I like the quick drying glue from 3M.  Even though they changed the bottle and perhaps the formula, I still haven't found any I like better.  It doesn't make the paper wet like some glue does. It doesn't require much to get the job done. And once it's set, it is set!  (I buy it at Micheal's with a 40% off coupon)

6.  I buy most of my "holiday" papers after the holiday, when it's being cleared out.  So, yes, a lot of the projects I make are with last season's paper, or even several years ago.  But who really knows or cares.  I can get more bang for my buck by shopping clearance sales!

I realize that my tips will not change the course of crafting, but perhaps it will help a few of my fellow crafters enjoy more affordable crafting.  If you have a money saving tip, why not share?

Thanks for reading and craft happy!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Giving something back better than you received it!

One of my grandsons was receiving tutoring over the summer, and the teacher sent a deck of vocab game cards home with us for further practice.  She asked us to return them when school started, so I thought it would be nice to dress them up a little and add a few tokens of appreciation.  I have been wanting to make the backpack from SVG Cuts Back to the Books kit, so I thought this would be a great way to tackle two issues.  1.  Returning the cards in better condition than we received them, and  2.  Making the backpack.

I put the cards and a couple of note pads, and sticker sheets into this little darling and sent it off with my grandson this morning.  I'm sure she loved it! 

As a side note:
I used 2 12x12 sheets of AC solid color card stock for the back pack.  One sheet of DCWV premium stack called The Grade School stack. The pocket on front was made from scraps.  The dot sheet from the Grade School stack, and the main pocket piece was from Making Memories Dilly Dally collection.  The button and letters are from Doodlebug Designs and the twine was from the bargain bin at Michael s.  I did ink the edges of the pocket and the panel.  I think I got is cut and assembled in about an hour.  Super easy.  Super cute!  

To keep my crafting costs down, I buy all of my paper stacks when they are on sale for 40-50% off.  I try not to buy online unless I'm getting free shipping.  I use to find great deals at Oh My Crafts, but they have gone out of business.  I now find a lot of great deals at JoAnn.com.  That is where I buy my AC card stock when it's half off.  And right now...

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All projects are cut using the Sizzix eclips version 1.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crafting on a Budget.

Paper projects are fun to make, but paper can be expensive.  I have found some ways to make my paper pads go a little farther so I make sure to get my money's worth.  It helps me afford the svg kits I love to buy from SVG Cuts.  I would like to share some of my tips with you, so that you too can enjoy more crafting on a budget.

Today I'm sharing my love for The Dollar Tree!

I have found so many things at the Dollar Tree that I can use in my crafting.  And for $1 it is usually a savings over the craft stores or even Wal-Mart.  I did some shopping there this week for the first day of school teacher gifts I'm sending with the boys.  I bought some little note pads, pens and sticky notes.  With these few items, I'll fill up a desk set and it will be adorable, useful and cheap!  And each purchase will make more than one gift.

In the front is a pad of sticky notes.  I get one package of 5 and split them out.  The pens came 3 to a package.  Next are the cards that I made.  Behind the cards and their envelopes are two little lined note pads.  There are 5 pads in one package.  The last item is a really nice set of sticky notes that have standard size notes and little "flag" type notes.  I left them intact since they were just a $1!  To keep from using two pieces of the decorative card stock on the desk set, I cut the bottom piece from the same card stock as the green piece on top.  I was able to use the entire 12x12 sheet.  So, for these two sets, instead of using 5-6 sheets of card stock, I only used 3 sheets.  The apple is one, the one with the writing is two and the green for the border piece and bottom was three!  Even on the cards, I changed the size a little so I could cut two card bases from one piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock, instead of a 12x12.  I also save by using the thinner paper from the large paper pads for decorative panels.  

This is just one example of ways you can save on supplies and add-ons to keep gift items within budget.  I'll share more money saving tips in the future and would love to hear how you save too!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Taking time to enjoy the outdoors.

July 4th in the Wichita area saw wonderful weather.  Yesterday though was very hot.  But our family set out on an adventure anyway.  We started by driving to Salina/Hedville to visit the Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum.  It is a beautiful zoo and a really nice museum.  We stopped back in Salina to eat at the world famous Cozy Inn.  Great little burgers!  Then we headed off to Mushroom Rock State Park.  The strange rock formations were very interesting to see, but I think budget cuts have caused the park to be a little neglected.  It has the potential to be so much more.  We then continued on to Kanopolis State Park.  Nice lake with little canyons and beautiful cliffs.  Our car was attacked by a swarm of what we think were damselflies.  Very exciting!  Our next stop was high on Coronado Heights.  It has a stone castle that was erected many year ago.  Cool to look at.  We could see for miles and miles up there.  We stopped for a photo opp as we drove through Lindsborg.  It boasts a strong Swedish history.  Popped into McPherson for a treat at the Braums before heading home.   It was a nice day trip that didn't cost much but will provide us we some fond memories.  Where shall we go next?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How often do you change your mats and blades?

It's been a dilemma for me since I got my first cutting machine.  How long can you make the mats and cutting blade last?  Sometimes that decision is made for your when the blade doesn't want to cut anymore or the mat is curling and won't hold paper, even after you apply more adhesive.  But I'm sure the manufacturers have a different idea on the number of uses they both can take.  I just ordered more mats and blades this weekend because I know I push the limits.  However, waiting till the blade is tearing paper or the paper is falling off the mat is waiting too long.
So, hardcore paper cutting machine lovers,  when do you make the change?  Do you do it monthly?  Every other month perhaps?  I would love to hear from others on this subject.
I just hate breaking in a new mat because they're so darn sticky!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week, Birthdays, Mother's Day

Next week, a lot of schools will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.  Most schools discourage monetary gifts for the teachers and ask that the students make cards, draw pictures and/or bring flowers from the garden.  These are all very lovely things for the kids to do, but I like to let the teachers know that I also appreciate their hard work during the year.  In Wichita, we have Dollar Tree stores, and I just love them.  Recently I found these darling compact mirrors and bought up a few for gifts.  (If I like something I try to buy many of them, because the next time I go in, they're usually sold out)  To really dress up my wonderful $1 find, I have made these adorable clutch purses to give them in.  These super affordable mirrors in this clutch makes them an extra special gift for next to nothing!  Who wouldn't love to get one of these purses with a handy compact inside!  And not just for teachers, but girlfriends, sisters and yes MOMS.
These are from SVG Cuts Luxury Handbags collection.  The possibilities are endless!  Super cute and easy to make!
My Teacher Appreciation gift.
The SVG Cuts collection.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


In addition to Mother's Day, a lot of us will have someone celebrating a graduation.  Whether it is from high school or college, any graduate would love to receive one of these special boxes with a nice gift, gift card or cash in it.  These can be made in the school colors to make it even more personal.  This is from the SVG Cuts file called Graduation Day.  In addition to the cap there are two cards, one to hold a gift card and one to hold cash, a photo album and an elegant box for a bigger gift.  Any of these will surely bring a smile to the lucky receiver!

                                                         SVG Cuts

Have a great graduation!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Make Mom's day special without breaking the bank!

We like to pay tribute to our moms for all the things they have done for us, but sometimes our budgets limit what we can do.  What do you do when there's no money in the bank?  Show her how much you care with something hand made.  But don't be mislead.   Handmade items can get very pricey too!  If you decided to make something that you have none of the supplies for, you could end up spending more than you intended.  It's important to look around at what you have and design your gift around that.  I've listed some ideas to get you started...

1.  A photo album with pictures she hasn't seen!    
     Don't have an album laying around?  Pictures are all digital and in the computer? Using a computer 
     program like Word or Openoffice, spend a little time laying out a few pictures per page and add 
     some journal entries and  some fun clip art and you have a nice photo album for mom.  The front and 
     back covers can be made with some card stock, construction paper, or even cereal boxes when needed.     Cover them with some pretty gift wrap you have or contact  paper if you have some.
This was made using Microsoft Word, pictures I had on my computer from a zoo outing and stickers I got from the Dollar Tree.

2. A nice bouquet of flowers from your garden.  Don't have a garden?  Buy a few bushes of artificial flowers 
    at the Dollar Tree and arrange them in a vase you already have or even a fun drinking glass or mug she 
    she can use.
This was made using a cup from the Dollar Tree and some flowers, ribbon and tissue paper I already had.

3. Dinner for a week.  Don't worry, I don't mean you're going to take her out to eat all week.  When you
    cook a meal, try to make a little more to feed one more person and then package that meal up for mom in     a freezable container. This is especially nice for moms who live alone.  Put them in the freezer and then 
    give them to her in a nice box or gift bag, or decorate a brown grocery bag.  This one will require some 
    advance planning so you have the meals ready by mother's day!

4.  Buy or make a card for mom and include an invitation for a special day with just you and mom.  It can be
     for a day at the park, a nice lunch, or taking mom on errands or shopping.  Whatever you like to do with 
     mom or something that she needs.  The possibilities are endless!

5.  Does mom need something done around the house?  Maybe the flower garden needs to be weeded, or a 
     a small repair needs to be done.  Go over on Mother's day and do it.  If the project is a little bigger than
     you can do alone, get your siblings to help.  Doing this type of project for our moms can mean more to 
     them than you know.  They might not ask for your help because they know your busy, so doing it without
     being asked is a gift beyond measure!

I hope you find these ideas useful or that they give you the inspiration to come up with something really special for your mom this year, without taking out the credit cards!  Share you plans for making Mother's day special.  I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 25, 2014

May Day and May Crowning

With the end of April, comes the beginning of May!  But with winter hanging on longer than we wanted it to, flowers are just now starting to make their way up from the protection of the ground.  So how do we make the beginning of May special with May Day flowers and the May Crowning?  With paper!  Paper flowers will hold their shape and color much longer and don't need any water!  And you can make them any color you want!  These lovely paper roses would make a great gift for teachers and for the May crowning!  Just $1.00 each in a variety of colors!  It's the perfect solution!  Order yours today!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spring Is Just Around the Corner!

It's not too early to be thinking about upcoming spring events on your calendar.  If you have a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show someone that they're special, now is the time to get your orders in for that special item to show you care.