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The Check is in the Mail!

Well, I did it.  I committed to a craft show on February 7 at Explorer School in Goddard, KS.  I have been busy, busy, busy picking, and cutting and gluing lots of things to take with me.  I have a goal to take 100 crafty cre8tions with me to the event.  I admit, this takes a lot of planning and a person really has to dig in to get things done!  And, I'm proud to say that I'm not neglecting the rest of the house!  I have figured out that I can make 6 things each day to meet my goal.  So the most time consuming thing is picking the papers. Pricing items has me a bit puzzled.  I had pretty much decided how to price my items, but then my husband said, "you're pricing them at wholesale, and this is retail!"  So now I need to involve a third party so I don't end up taking home all my stuff! Anyway, I'm excited and glad I finally made the commitment! Stay tuned for the rest of the adventure!

Making The Commitment.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided I would try to sell some of my creations at a few craft shows this year in hopes that I can support my "habit" for crafting.  I want to start with smaller shows that are close to home.  I may find that it's not feasible for me to pursue the craft show business due to transportation and setup restrictions. At any rate, I have had opportunities in the past, I just wasn't ready or able to commit.  But a big issue may just be fear.  Fear that I may not sell anything.  Fear that I won't have enough stuff to sell. Fear that I am over pricing items.  Fear I'm not asking for enough. Fear of failure. I have made lots of items, and given them away.  The recipients are always in awe and thankful, but would anyone really pay me for these things?  These fears have been a little crippling up to now. I have filled out a vendor form for a craft and vendor show close to home that is being held February 7th.  I just need t

January Give Away is Live!

It's time to give something away!  Go to my Facebook page  for your chance to win a clutch purse like this one shown! Winner will be selected from the eligible entries on January 22!  You can't win if you don't enter!

Hello 2015!

A new year is here and  I plan to share more projects with you while building up an inventory to take my crafting to a few shows this year.  I hope you will follow along while I share my experiences with you. My first goal will be to create some easy to assemble items that I can make in quantities that won't take up a lot of storage, or table space.  With paper crafting, that is one of my biggest concerns; having the necessary space to display enough items to make the craft show circuit profitable, and keeping things from being crushed before they get there!  Displaying is also a concern.  Table tops alone won't allow for many items to be displayed.  I have been on a search for the folding type wire shelves that were very popular a few years ago.  I have found two so far.  I need display items that are light weight and easily portable.  I'll continue looking for the shelves while I start making a list of projects to work on. I find that taking the time to select the pap