Day 8 was a personal challenge!

It has really been a challenge these last few days to get into my craft studio, but I have managed!  I have a teapot cut out and ready to assemble, but I got a request for a baseball cap for a high school prom.  Prom wins!  Here is what I put together.  It will carry the boutonniere for a prom date!  How exciting!  This is the baseball cap from Fun and Games by SVG Cuts.  I used AC Cardstock for the entire project.  I did a print2cut for the indian head logo from the school.

(Please excuse the mess)

If you haven't made the cap for yourself, it is very roomy.  

Thanks again for stopping by.  Be sure to check in tomorrow for the finished teapot!


  1. hi there. What are the measures of each part of the box?
    I want to make this model but I have no dollars because of the policies of my country (Venezuela)


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