Back in the spring, when Cinderella first came out, I took my grandsons and a friend to see it.  I fell in love with that version of the movie.  I had planned to make the pumpkin coach by SVG Cuts, but never got around to it.  This week, I rented it at Redbox and watchd it with my granddaughter. (She's 2 1/2).  After we watched it a few times, I knew for sure I wanted to make the coach.  So I picked out my papers and got to cutting.

I have a pad of DCWV Once Upon a Time that I have been hoarding.  It was perfect for this!  I have since added a crown jewel sticker to the top that isn't shown here.  I hadn't bought them yet.  

This was remarkably easy to assemble.  But the finised project is so elegant and delightful!  I think I will be making a few more in different color schemes. 

If you want to try your hand at this project, just check out SVG Cuts, it's the Enchanted Autumn.


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