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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Introducing Vinylcre8tions

I have been posting my vinyl projects here along with my paper, but I have decided that they should each have their own home.  So today I'm introducing you to Vinylcre8tions, where you will find all my projects made with vinyl.  Here I will continue to share paper projects.  So please go to Vinylcre8tions and give them a like on Facebook!  Thanks and happy crafting!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Update!

Although I've been quiet on here, I have been pretty busy with a few projects.  They range from birthday t-shirts, to Halloween wreaths!  I thought I would take a few minutes to share them with you.

Made using the Crafters Corner sparkle tulle from Dollar Tree along with bats and spiders.  Lights were from my stash purchased 3 years ago at Hobby Lobby.

 Made with Dollar Tree sparkle tulle, bats spiders and led lights.

 I spent a day running around to several Dollar Tree stores in my area looking for the sparkle tulle, and the metal wreath rings to make these.  After watching a YouTube tutorial and seeing how easy it was, I wanted to make one for myself.  It's the top picture.  I then made one for my daughter and a son.  I was able to make these for a cost of about $10 each.  And they all have led lights.  It was fun, but very messy.  I have glitter everywhere.  The video is from 2016, and I didn't find the Halloween mesh, so I used the tulle.  I still love the way it turned out.

 Made using 3G jet-Opaque for the logo and Red Ranger, and black htv vinyl for the name.
Made using the 3G Jet-Opaque for the Godmother and glitter htv for the saying.

I have also been designing and making t-shirts for birthdays.  I made one for my grandson's #2, (not pictured) and one for the son of a friend.  The "Cinderella" themed shirt is for my granddaughter.  I will also be making the svgcuts pumpkin carriage for a center piece.  I have made additional shirts for the grand kids, but I don't always think to take a picture before they are "worn away"!

In the mean time my massive paper collection is sitting idle wondering when I will start using it again, while my heat transfer vinyl collection is growing.  But I have my papers picked for the coach and I'll be cutting and gluing it this weekend. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eclipse crazy!

 I've been gearing up for a trip north to be part of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.  We're going to a town that will experience totality.   We have our glasses for viewing and I just had to make the grandkids some shirts!  I had a lot of fun designing them.   The older boys wanted the Star Wars themed shirts.
 These were made with a yellow metallic and black htv.
 This little shirt was made with black and glow in the dark htv.
This shirt was made using vinyl adhedive and deco foil. 
And finally we have glitter htv and glow in the dark .  

This was a fun and fairly quick project using my Sizzix eclips 2 and my 15x15 heat press.   

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Teacher Appreciation 2017

Can you believe it?   It's already May!   Are you scrambling for a last minute teacher appreciation gift?  I got the Oracal 651 out and sat down with ecal 2 and made this design for some of the teachers in our life.  I admit,  I had some trouble and had to remove,  re-cut and then reapply my design on a couple of these,  but FINALLY I got the look I was shooting for.
I finished them with some paper and foil shred.  If you make some using the Dollar Tree tumblers, be sure to include a note to handwash only.   Have fun creating!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Crazy about HTV!

I've been very busy with little people this last year and a half.  But now that they are getting older and can entertain themselves for little bits of time, I find more crafting time.  I completed bunnies for Easter that I cut out last year but didn't have time to put together.  I was even able to cut a couple more for new babies.

This has been a very busy file for me.  I think I can safely say I've made more that 50 of these cute little guys!

But more recently, I've been hearing the call of vinyl.  It is a medium I have really wanted to learn more about.  I had ordered some heat transfer vinyl a couple of months ago, but didn't have the courage to try it.  I then decided I needed a heat press and so I bought myself a 15 x 15 clamshell from eBay.  Man, does it make this vinyl more fun to do!  I've tried my hands at a couple of projects, both with HTV and adhesive.  I've used the adhesive before, but with some improvements on the ecal 2 software, I think my projects are looking even better.  Here are the ones I've done over this last week.
 This was my first htv project.  I cut the vinyl too deep and had to piece it all together on the shirt.  Not really the result I wanted, but a lesson learned.
 I bought a bunch of these glass cutting boards/trivets at the Dollar Tree over a year ago, with the intent to etch or put vinyl on them for gifts.  I finally got a couple done along with my Dollar Tree tumblers and yes, these are Dollar Tree mugs.  I'll give these away in a drawing for our neighborhood work day this Saturday.

I tried my hand again at a different style Star Wars day shirt.  I had better results, by not cutting all the way thru the htv.  I think I need to work on sizing now.
Now when I go to Wal-Mart, I'm on the look out for cheap apparel to add htv too.  I thought a unicorn was just what this little summer romper needed.  I'm getting better!

My last project today was inspired by some clearance fabric I found at Wal-mart.  I watched a tutorial on Cuttin Corners vinyl on applying heat bond ultra to fabric to make it like htv.  I then made a shadow cutout in black vinyl to edge it.  My placement was a little off.  I'm going to need better lighting by my heat press.  But I do love the look.  Now to see how long it will actually last!

Be sure to check out Betsy at Cuttin Corners vinyl, or the folks at Expression vinyl for great tutorials and ideas for using vinyl.  

Thanks for stopping by!